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Our Beliefs

Cafe Work


EMPOWER: Cultivating confidence and strength, claiming their individual rights, and enhancing their standard of life are the basic principles of Genesis.


ENRICH: Genesis is here to add value to the student’s personal journey by helping them gain knowledge through both direct learning as well as firsthand experience in their chosen field of study.


EXCEL: Understanding and proficiency in subjects of interest is of very high importance to us. Our training and development wing aims to pave the way for accomplishment in the student’s professional career. 


Join Genesis for a fulfilling experience for life!

About Us 

Genesis believes in providing a holistic learning experience through not only a certificate degree but also wholesome technical training.  We counsel them on a chosen field of excellence based on individual strengths and weaknesses. This enables those who enroll to first decide on their area of expertise and then enhance their knowledge with alternative areas of study complementary to their chosen path.  Through this methodology, we aim to help strengthen the candidate’s professional skills while offering the pleasure of learning in alternative areas of study as well. 

Our Founder


Dr. Neela Ganguly Sundaram, Ph D.


Dr. Neela Ganguly pursued her Doctorate in Politics and Public Administration from the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Madras, Chennai. With a strong acumen for disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences, she also has a master’s degree in Public Administration, Political Science and Management Studies. During her illustrious decade-long career as a lecturer at the same university, she authored a book named ‘Slums of India’ based on her research.  Trained in Bharatnatyam and traditional Bengali dance, she also has a fashion label under her ownership named ‘Kalyani’. Her undying interest to take education to every citizen led her to establish Genesis Centre for Education and Developmental Studies. 

Dr. Sumangal Roy 

Director/Advisor - Fine Arts

Dr. Parthasarathy.L

Strategic Managment Advisor

Air Marshall Dr. M. Matheswaran

Advisor - Education

K Swaminathan

Strategic Advisor 

The Peninsula Foundation
Sai Institutions, Chennai
The Peninsula Academy
Aspire Ventures

Advisory Board


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