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The beauty of life is vividly imagined and captured in various mediums through the study of Fine Arts. We offer courses of Fine Arts at the diploma and degree levels for maximum theoretical and practical learning as well as skill development. Gain a deeper understanding of every type of Art form through courses like Painting, Sculpture, Dance, Music, and Photography and celebrate life itself. 

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Outcomes from this Discipline:

Internships –

Critical learning through case study and fieldwork.

Certifications –

Short term certificates awarded

Diplomas –

Medium-term learning towards Diploma

Degrees –

Undergraduate and Post-graduate degrees can be obtained after 3 and 2 years, respectively

Doctoral Program

Critical thinking, learning, and studies on specialized issues and concepts in this category can be awarded Doctorate and Post-Doctoral Programs

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Fine Arts
(Certifaction Course)

Dr. Sumangal Roy

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Master of Fine Arts

Dr. Sumangal Roy

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