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Polity and Policy Studies

This category deals with the processes behind running organizations, governments, and other similar institutions where people and policies function simultaneously for overall benefits. It is imperative to understand the basics of governance, the conduct of a public office and the laws and regulations that are vital for their success. Learn how about the functioning of public or private organizations while complying with required documents and tax policies and conducting activities within the law of the land for its smooth functioning.  

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Outcomes from this Discipline:

Internships –

Critical learning through case study and fieldwork.

Certifications –

Short term certificates awarded

Diplomas –

Medium-term learning towards Diploma

Degrees –

Undergraduate and Post-graduate degrees can be obtained after 3 and 2 years, respectively

Doctoral Program

Critical thinking, learning, and studies on specialized issues and concepts in this category can be awarded Doctorate and Post-Doctoral Programs


Public Adminstration

Dr. Neela Ganguly



Dr. Neela Ganguly

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Political Science

Dr. Neela Ganguly

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Government and Governance

Dr. Neela Ganguly

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Constitutions of the World

Dr. Neela Ganguly

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